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September 9, 2013

Are we doing weekly updates now?

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They say that blogging’s dying, killed off by the pithy wit of the tweet and the versatility of the whatever you call a Tumblr entry (a tumble? a tum? neither of those sound right). Looking around at my usual internet haunts, it’s not hard to see some truth in it. Apart from the paid sites, where bloggers are contracted for regular content and paid by the mouseclick, everywhere I look I see less and less didactic rantery, bellicose pontification and general blathering. Arguably that’s not a bad thing. Doesn’t mean I don’t miss it though.

I’m probably just looking in the wrong places. The blogs I’ve followed are all slowing down, presumably as their authors move on to other projects, become busy with the rest of their lives or just lose interest. I expect that there are countless vibrant, witty and informative blogs out there, and the problem is just that I’ve become too lazy and jaded to hunt them out.

(Suggestions are therefore welcome – what’s good out there?)

This blog was probably the most obvious casualty of my sleep disorder. In retrospect it should have been the canary in the coal mine. Around the middle of last year, the frequency of my blogging dropped off to a trickle of book reviews and the last few Lost Season 2 recaps. I think those were happening more out of a self-imposed sense of obligation, rather than for the fun of it.

I honestly have no idea whether I will pick up the pace again, or if I even want to. I like having a blog, I like writing in a kinda-sorta diary-esque format. I make no claim to be much good at it but that’s beside the point for the most part. It’s more about thinking out loud and occasionally having a conversation with a few friends. On the rare occasions it turns into anything more than that, I’m always surprised.

Where was I going with all that? No idea. I’m still thinking about it. Slowly.

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