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November 4, 2013

TMoRP – Back in action! Sort of!

Gosh, the Month of Relentless Positivity has been a bit patchy this year, hasn’t it? I think I just have to be big enough to admit that October has gotten away from me. November’s not looking all that sharp either.

On the home internet front, the good news is that our router issues have been cleared up. We have a replacement router which is working at peak efficiency, spreading wireless goodness to all corners of the house.

The bad news is that the router was never the problem in the first place. It turns out that the telecommunications cabling into the house – and throughout our neighbourhood in one of Canberra’s older areas – is decrepit. Frayed, corroded and in some places comprehensively chewed, it’s frankly amazing that our phone or ADSL connections have ever worked at all. As is the case in quite a few parts of the country, our communications infrastructure is just barely hanging in there. This helpful article on the ABC website summarises the parlous state of the copper wiring currently in use. It’s a contemptible enough state of affairs in the abstract. In the flesh, so to speak, it’s bloody annoying to me and my family.

The line technician who came out on Friday afternoon to cobble together a temporary cable, which bypasses the existing wires from the street to the house, told me he hates getting calls to my suburb. Invariably when he digs up the lines he finds a horrific Frankenstein’s monster of stripped wiring, corroded conduits and rotting insulation. His visit left me in no doubt that I could expect to stay with the temporary fix for a long time to come, based on Telstra’s copper replacement schedule, which can be charitably described as “unhurried”.

On top of all that, in the last week or so our suburb was one of 500 or so quietly removed from the forward plan for rollout of fibre under the National Broadband Network project. Cough. No surprises there.

So the magic internet-waves have been restored to our house, for the time being at least. And I supposed in a way we are lucky, to be so unambiguously stripped of the complacent delusion that we are being provided with the service for which we pay.

You can’t say fairer than that, can you?

Anyway, I’m going to resume my TMoRP blogs and take a shot at catching up on them. Between that and editing a couple of short stories, I should be pretty busy for the next few weeks.

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