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March 24, 2014

Quick test

Filed under: administraviata — lexifab @ 7:21 am

If this shows up in your RSS feed, can you throw a comment down? I think I may have vanished in some obscure way.



  1. I just got 8 messages on my RSS feed.

    Comment by Jimbo — April 3, 2014 @ 2:16 pm

  2. Hrm. I played with the settings last night, but I don’t really see what I changed – but I also just installed an update to the security plugin. Bet that was a factor…

    Comment by lexifab — April 3, 2014 @ 2:54 pm

  3. Hey, just so you know, I don’t check my feed very often, but this was here when I did.

    Comment by linbot — April 26, 2014 @ 10:02 pm

  4. Yes, it looks like it was a temporary glitch created by a change in the security plugin. Or something like that. It hasn’t been a problem lately, at any rate.

    Thanks for checking though!

    Comment by lexifab — April 28, 2014 @ 11:15 am

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