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November 12, 2014

NotNaNo Day 12 – MGMT

Most of my writing time today was taken up with other office and job hunting work, but I got a decent (if short) stint in first thing in the morning. Today I pressed ahead with Third Violin, which is coming together nicely, and finished off a scene from Serpentine Precipice. I hope I’ll finish Violin by the end of the weekend, or if not then early next week. I also critiqued a few stories and have a couple more on my plate to get to.

The only point of differentiation for today was that I tested out some new writing music. By and large I can’t listen to anything with lyrics in it while I’m writing, because I get distracted by the lyrics. Movie soundtracks are also difficult, because what I thought about the movie bleeds into the writing. But on my pal Evan’s long-ago recommendation, I tried out a couple of MGMT albums. Turns out that easy-listening electronica with vaguely etheral singing is right up my alley. So I will be picking up their remaining works in due course, and in the meantime playing the hell out of Oracular Spectacular and Congratulations.

Tally: 580

Total word count for the month: 6980

That’s the problem with taking an interest in drama. It’s addictive.

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