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November 18, 2014

NotNaNo Day 18 – Bloodless

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I had two jobs today – give blood and tidy up for the visit tomorrow from the pest exterminators, who will hopefully rid us of our cloth-eating moths.

The first involved drinking a lot of water, lying down for two hours with a needle in my arm and spending the rest of the day in a mildly euphoric state. I donate platelets, which involves taking blood out, spinning out the plasma, doing something resembling fractionation to it, and then injecting everything except a bagful of important-looking yellow stuff back into me. The good news is that I get uninterrupted reading time and a nice milkshake halfway through. The bad news is that my kindle bricked itself about two minutes before I went in, which led to a moment of vast, uncomprehending horror as I contemplated lying there with nothing good to read. Then it worked again, with no more explanation for its recovery than for its failure. The universe is testing me and as ever I am found wanting.

The second great labour involved packing almost every item of clothing and manchester in the house into black plastic bags. The theory is that while the guy is spraying our ratty, literally moth-eaten carpets and cupboards for moths and their eggs, I will put all the bagged clothes outside in the sun. The elevated temperature, which I would guess will get to 50+ degrees inside the bags, is supposed to kill off any eggs laid in the clothing (the moths too, one supposes). Rough treatment if you’re a moth, but maybe not worse than being poisoned by a guy with a mask and a pump spray? I dunno. Tomorrow’s not looking good for the moths of the house.

Anyway, after all that I got the bare minimum of writing work done. I’ve just knocked off another world building scene for Serpentine Precipice. This one poked at some of the religious customs and beliefs of my setting. Massively over-written, as usual – I’m explaining this world to myself as I go, so the eventual editing process is going to have to be severe if not ruthless in order to turn this whole thing back into a story. I’ll write it first and worry about that later, though.

I also started editing Third Violin, but only the opening page so far. This draft is under 4000 words, but I already know I need to expand some scenes to include more characterisation and dialogue, more descriptions and various missing plot elements. So it will come out a bit bigger by the end of this rewrite. After that, I’ll start cutting stuff. This is my highly efficient editing method.

Tally: 430

Total fiction words for the month: 9880

Tomaz was one of those penitent types who felt abject, vertiginous terror was a necessary catalyst for a full and detailed cataloguing of one’s regrettable behaviours.

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