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November 20, 2014

NotNaNo Day 19 – Adrift with options

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The pest control company cancelled their visit, throwing out my schedule completely. I was left in the odd position of having plenty of time to write and not having a specific writing project. Serpentine Precipice, being the only one of my works in progress that does not have a complete draft, would seem to have been the obvious choice. But it’s become a slow-moving, unwieldy, going-nowhere mess. I like the general tenor of it, and I don’t really want to throw any more of the 10,000 or so words that I’ve written on it out – but some of it has to go.

I decided the best use of at least some of my time was to put on the brakes and prepare a rough outline of the story. I still want SP to be novella-length rather than a full-blown novel. To sharpen the focus, I’ve pulled out some of the characters and ideas that had made their way into the draft-so-far. Not a big deal, as I want to be able to write more stories with these characters and settings, so I can save stuff for a sequel. Narrowing the scope will make for a leaner, faster-moving story, which is all to the good.

I’m not going to outline in too much detail, as I still want this to be my fun project that I make up as I go along, but as usual I’ve discovered that if I don’t have some structure to work from, I end up throwing a kitchen-sinkload of characters, place names and random quasi-historical references in and completely bogging down my story. And since I am still not a great editor, I’d like the first draft to be as clean as possible.

Most of the afternoon was spent configuring a new desktop PC, with all the attendant woes of transferring files. I discovered that in Windows 8.1  Microsoft have deliberately borked their formerly useful file transfer applications. Instead of hitting a couple of buttons to transfer settings and files easily across the network, as modern life has taught me to expect, I have to copy things to and then from an external hard drive. Like our pre-millennial ancestors must have done in the times before recorded history. Primitive!

Anyway, I got things settled down enough to manage a late night writing sprint, rounding out a Serpentine Precipice scene that I started yesterday.

Interesting side note – since I started writing this story, I have not managed to type either of the words ‘serpentine’ or ‘precipice’ correctly the first time. There’s a very good chance I will change the name before I am finished working on this project, just to avoid having to type and retype those words.

Tally: 460

New fiction words for the month: 10,340

I may have poked out my tongue at him. I can’t be expected to remember every act of discourtesy I am called upon to impart.

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