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November 2, 2014

NotNaNo Day 2 – Birthday party

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No writing this morning because we needed to prepare for the Little Wombat’s fourth birthday party. Two hours of lollies and train rides at a lakeside park. Turned out to be more painless than I was expecting. I only needed to provide first aid once, and that was to some random kid howling about a skinned knee in the sand pit, not one of the party-goers.

This evening I had to watch Doctor Who before I got started on writing, because omigod you guys SO GOOD!

So I started late and I didn’t far past my 500 word target of new words. But only the other hand I outlined four new stories, so I should have plenty of stuff to get stuck into.

Tally: 544 words (about 40 minutes or so of writing time)

Total fiction wordcount for the month: 1410 words

In this section, Dario is contemplating a locked room mystery (and I am discovering how hard it is to keep a scene moving where characters are looking at things without speaking to each other):

The duty watch had been detained and questioned, so if they knew anything they would already have given it up on the inquisitor’s wrack. Say what you like about our torturers, but I’ve never known them to fail to extract a confession. Not always the confession you’re looking for, but they tend to be thorough with details.

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