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November 25, 2014

NotNaNo Day 25 – Flash fictioning

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On another day when I truly could not be stuffed getting into my existing projects, I eventually gave up and just searched the web for a writing prompt and hacked out a few hundred words of flash fiction. I amused myself by writing a dialogue-only exchange, which was a fun diversion from a day of pretty unpleasant news events. I think I need to deal with this is two concrete ways – first of all, I think I’ll have to completely ban myself from social media during the day. Today was unusual for a variety of reasons, but I let myself get angry about stuff I can’t control or even meaningfully contribute towards resolving, which is unhealthy. I may think of a way to channel some righteous fury into my writing, but on the whole I think it’s more sensible to go on a Twitter holiday at least until the evenings.

Second of all I really need a tangible project. From tonight’s meandering it’s clear that unless I sit down to accomplish a specific task about which I am crystal clear from the outset, I’m probably going to faff about until I’ve wasted half my writing time. That means it is probably time to stop mucking about with the current draft of Serpentine Precipice and start again with the tighter outline. I’ve let myself write bloated quagmires of scenes that go nowhere slowly up until now, which is exactly not what I wanted to do with that project. So back to the drawing board. I’ll keep all the world building I’ve done so far, recycle most of the existing characters and I’ll keep the opening scenes – but I will rewrite everything else in the service of a tighter plot.

Tally: 390 words

New fiction words for the month: 12,670

From today’s flash fiction:

“Well, when society is restored, people who know how to build machines and recall lost knowledge will be hailed as kings.”

“You don’t know how to build things. You have no useful knowledge.”

“I’ve memorised the Periodic Table and I can name the 100 greatest inventions in history.”

“I weep for the tribe that flocks to you for answers. Pass the ammunition.”

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  1. It sounds like your NotNaNo challenge has been great for discovering how you work best.

    Comment by Elizabeth @ Earl Grey Editing — December 10, 2014 @ 3:52 pm

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