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November 17, 2015

Bogong moths

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A few minutes ago I took a second glance out at the leaves blowing past the lunchroom window and realised that what the air was really full of was bogong moths. Every spring they migrate in vast numbers south along the ranges and back to the Southern Alps. Their flight path takes them straight through Canberra, where they spend a couple of days flitting about national monuments and banging into lights, along with their more regrettable habits of splatting into windscreens and getting devoured in vast numbers by all the fruit bats living in Commonwealth Park.

They are Canberra’s equivalent of the first swallows of spring or that groundhog in Pennsylvania, marking a moment in the turn of the year that you could set a watch by. (It wouldn’t be a very reliable watch, but good enough if you’re in a position of having to depend on natural cues for your timekeeping).

Everything feels very transitory for me at the moment. A brief period of marking time and gathering strength for the next big push. I’m getting ready to dive back into heavy writing. I’m looking forward to doing a lot of house painting and other renovation work. I’m starting to get back into a regular exercise routine.

No doubt part of it is just down to the turn of the weather. I don’t complain much about how cold Canberra gets in the winter (which generally last until at least September) but on the other hand I don’t defiantly rage against its chill embrace by taking long runs in the frozen hours either. As a result I’ve gained weight over the winter – probably in the order of five or six kilos, though I don’t track it closely enough to know for sure. Coming into spring, I’ve been lethargic, uninspired and able to plumb unfathomable depth of procrastination towards just about everything. I think I’ve also been a bit sick, though not with anything acute enough to prompt a visit to the doctor.

Everyone else in the house has had at least one bout of colds, flu or worse (this winter/spring season has including one dose of whooping cough and a perforated eardrum amongst several maladies) and while I think I dodged the worse of it, I’ve definitely been run down to the point of near-complete apathy.

Either way, I can feel myself coming through it now. Summer holidays are coming up. The days are warmer. There’s cricket on the telly. Energy levels are on the rise again. The ideas are starting to flow.

Time to get flapping.

November 9, 2015

Suffering from acute ennui

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Please send motivation. Stat.


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