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July 18, 2007

The joys of being back at work

Two days off with something that was a bit like the flu, but didn’t last all that long. Back at work today. Feel like garbage, but’s that’s probably because I was stupid enough to get on the exercise bike this morning after lying in bed for two days.

Took Fi down to get Joey’s 20-week ultrasound this morning. Fingers and toes all look to be in place. Will get the update in a couple of days. Joey is still a twitchy little urchin, but you would be too if people kept pushing you around with a sonic prodamajig.

NSW apparently had its coldest days on record during the last week (I might have misunderstood the specifics, but in general it was certainly very cold). Great time for our heater to pack it in. Luckily we have a fireplace and a stockpile of old tree parts (not to mention a couple of electric heaters) so everything was fine. Except for the possum who lives in our chimney, who was cruelly turned out to fend for itself. It’s still around – I heard it fighting with a cat last night. I suspect now that the fire is out it’ll be back before too long.

Our main shipment of furniture arrived last night – dining table, coffee table, lamp stand. They look beautiful. And they are heavy, heavy, heavy. And dice make a good noise when they land on them. We now need to restore the rooms they’re in to their proper working state (i.e. remove all the extraneous crap that has built up in there).

The Friday night PTA game was called off, on the grounds that the rulebook, along with the character sheet and my notes, has disappeared. Since I didn’t loan it out, it’s obvious kicking around the place somewhere (I expect the aforementioned tidy up will uncover it). It wasn’t that great a loss – we were struggling with it and I think our decision to bravely soldier on with it would have proven painful had it not turned out to be impossible.

Instead we’ve decided to start a campaign of Burning Wheel, which means I suppose that I ought to do that pre-play review I promised Dr Clam a while ago. The game will be set in the small but flourishing community that has sprung up around a newly-accessible ancient city full of untold riches, archeological wonders and horrible monsters – it’s basically Deadwood-meets-Undermountain. The PCs are all colourful locals who’ve been deputised as the town’s part-time constabulary – initially at least the plots will revolve around petty crimes and external threats like orc warbands (which are extremely non-petty in the Burning Wheel system), but expect to see a warning lable with Political, Religious and Sorcerous Themes to go with the High Level Coarse Language and Some Violence.

Meanwhile, in deference to the working title I labelled this entry with, I am back at work with nothing having happenened in my absence and nothing much to do now that I am here. I am okay with this, as it gives me more opportunity to read all the things that may become relevant at some point, and to tidy up my desk for the move on Friday. This will, I hope, be the last time I have to relocate for the remainder of the year.

July 4, 2007

Reformation of the Corporate

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So after a couple of days of attending meetings and reading policy papers on how we’re reforming over the next few years, I now have a more or less rough notion of what it is that I will be expected to do in my new position. Basically it boils down to “walk around with a project timeline and politely ask people whether they are going to make their deadlines or not”.

This is likely to involve somewhat more social contact than I have previously managed in 8 years in [this small Government agency]*. But it should be good. I like to wander about and have a chat, so it will be interesting to see if doing that for a job will actually feel like a worthwhile occupation.

In news sort of just to hand, Ev’s other band, The People People, has a new song on the Triple J Unearthed charts, and it’s gotten up as far as number 3 (though it’s slipped back a bit since then). Do them a favour and go and download it and listen to it and rate it and such. It ups their chances of actually getting airplay, and maybe breaking into the big time and making squillions of dollars to blow on coke and learjets. Wowser alert: it has a rude name and a lot of that swearing that the kids admire these days. But it’s very boppy and cool, so just live with it!

* Note the highly sophisticated Googleproofing techniques!

July 21, 2006


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Songs I am currently unable to get out of my brain:

  • Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Elton John and/or whoever did that cover on Like a Version
  • Paradise by the Dashboard Light – Meat Loaf
  • Apple Sauce – Spit
  • Can’t Get you Out of My Head – Kylie Bloody Minogue

Not sure what that says, but I do know that nothing remotely current has penetrated my mental firewall of late.

What’s stuck on repeat in your heads, then?

March 20, 2006

Spit never dies, not even at this hour of the morning

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It’s not quite 5 a.m. and for some reason I’m still awake. My stupid brain’s been whirring like an off-kilter washing machine all night, so I’ve finally given in to it and just got out of bed. It’s still about an hour until I have to drop Ev off at the airport.

This weekend’s been given over to visitors. Andrew and Anna have finally made good on their promise to come down to Canberra to pick up the wine we mailed back to ourselves from New Zealand, and enjoy a dinner party while they were at it. Anna brought along her friend Hannah, and we contrived to lure Evan down here as well.

So it became, inevitably, a Spit weekend. I’m pretty sure that we now have an unspoken rule that any time at least three of us are in a room for more than two hours, we have to at least compose and preferably record some Spit material. That’s the way this one worked out, anyway.

Most of the time we spent working (no, that’s not quite the word for it, but it will do) on developing my half-arsed idea for a Spit radio show podcast into an actual half-arsed Spit podcast. We recorded bits and pieces all weekend, which Andrew’s taken home to splice into presentable shape. It was all cheerfully amateurish and I’ll be very surprised if anyone can listen to it more than once, but it was a lot of fun in any case. Hopefully in the future we’ll be able to nut out the technical details and be able to record future efforts using this ‘ere inturweb. That way we can get Chris ‘n’ Amanda involved as well, not to mention put a bit of polish on it when we’re not under pressure to get everything done quickly.
I expect Andrew will get that put together in the next couple of weeks, and I’ll put a link up to it then. No idea what we’ll do with the idea after that, but it’s probably too late to put the genie back in the bottle now, so we may as well embrace it and try to get a bit better at it. It’s certainly something I can see us doing more or less regularly, as long as we can get the technology onside. The catch will be whether being spread halfway around the country remains the limiting factor.

As usual when Ev’s around, I’ve been ridiculously productive, with three new songs in various stages of completion. Another variation on the “Sometimes Girl” joke that we ran into the ground in NZ (a surprisingly fecund joke, since we must have spun about 10 or so songs out of it, including one by Simon), plus one about fighting and another about coffee. And the long awaited “Highway Litter Patrol” has yet to get some proper attention.

I estimate that we currently have between four and five albums worth of prepped and in most cases finished and recorded Spit songs lying around on MP3 recorders and hard drives, and that’s not counting anything that C & A may have done in the past two years that I don’t know about. Most of the stuff dates back at least three years now.

We vaguely discussed the notion that perhaps we ought to move away from trying to pull together an album regularly, since quite clearly we’re too lazy to finish the job. Instead, I think what we’ll end up doing is throwing things at the various web sites we’ve got going at seeing what sticks. One of them, mperia , actually allows listeners to pay to download songs. In fact, at the moment we have four of the top five comedy pop/rock songs on the site. And over three dollars (US!) in revenue! There is a suspicion that all of those sales were, in fact, Marco, but we will continue to enjoy the delusion that somewhere out there are people of sufficiently odd stripe that they are willing to pay money to hear Spit songs.

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