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October 17, 2013

The (Delayed) Month of Relentless Positivity

I’m back. It’s been more than a month since my last blog update, in which I hilariously bemoaned my somnolent rate of updating.

Unintentional irony having served its purpose, I’m back, following job upheavals, timely holidays, a convention and a writing deadline. All of which made for a pretty busy month while I’m also battling with a nagging sleep disorder.

(Not that I’m grumbling, mind you. I have been using a CPAP machine for a couple of weeks now and have moved through the unpleasant but typical “wake up in the middle of the night horrified to discover a plastic octopus eating my face” phase of acquaintance. Pretty soon I expect to enter the “feel refreshed after a full night’s sleep” treatment phase, which will be worth all of the creepy cephalod-wrestling dreams).

ANYWAY. We have a tradition here at Lexifabricographer (est. 2012). A little thing I like to call

The Month of Relentless Positivity

in which October, traditionally thought of as the second most boring month of the year (after August, obviously), becomes instead a clarion call for forced cheer and mandatory goodwill. For one shining month of the year, I solemnly undertake to write at least one blog entry a day highlighting something good and pure and wonderful in the world, squeeing with unabashed delight and inviting my (dozen-plus!) readers to join the celebratory revels.

As this entry will go up on the 17th of October, it would not be unreasonable for the judges to disqualify me on a foot fault. I didn’t so much overstep my mark as soar on wings of silk and caffeine far beyond the shackles of  my mark’s gravity well.

I have a solution.

The Month of Relentless Positivity begins today! Starting today, and continuing until at least the 16th of November, I’m putting up a post every day. Every day I will spotlight something cool, something I love, something at which I would like to direct some eyeballs (even if it’s a very small number of mostly disinterested eyeballs).

(I might keep going until the 24th of November, when the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode screens).

In the meantime, between all that, I plan to resume work on my 75%-ish complete novel, write a couple of properly short stories (less than 2500 words, say), catch up on several months worth of tax work, throw myself into the crazed vortex of the Canberra writing community and generally be, like, super-positive.

Let’s go.

September 9, 2013

Are we doing weekly updates now?

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They say that blogging’s dying, killed off by the pithy wit of the tweet and the versatility of the whatever you call a Tumblr entry (a tumble? a tum? neither of those sound right). Looking around at my usual internet haunts, it’s not hard to see some truth in it. Apart from the paid sites, where bloggers are contracted for regular content and paid by the mouseclick, everywhere I look I see less and less didactic rantery, bellicose pontification and general blathering. Arguably that’s not a bad thing. Doesn’t mean I don’t miss it though.

I’m probably just looking in the wrong places. The blogs I’ve followed are all slowing down, presumably as their authors move on to other projects, become busy with the rest of their lives or just lose interest. I expect that there are countless vibrant, witty and informative blogs out there, and the problem is just that I’ve become too lazy and jaded to hunt them out.

(Suggestions are therefore welcome – what’s good out there?)

This blog was probably the most obvious casualty of my sleep disorder. In retrospect it should have been the canary in the coal mine. Around the middle of last year, the frequency of my blogging dropped off to a trickle of book reviews and the last few Lost Season 2 recaps. I think those were happening more out of a self-imposed sense of obligation, rather than for the fun of it.

I honestly have no idea whether I will pick up the pace again, or if I even want to. I like having a blog, I like writing in a kinda-sorta diary-esque format. I make no claim to be much good at it but that’s beside the point for the most part. It’s more about thinking out loud and occasionally having a conversation with a few friends. On the rare occasions it turns into anything more than that, I’m always surprised.

Where was I going with all that? No idea. I’m still thinking about it. Slowly.

August 27, 2013

Diagnosis: Murder!

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(NB: murder is not the diagnosis. I have not been diagnosed with murder, which is any case is not a medical condition. I apologise unreservedly for my attention-grabbing and nearly irrelevant title.)

The sleep news is in, and it’s not too bad, if not exactly good. “Moderately severe” sleep apnoea. Even though I am not suffering from the sort of arrested breathing that keeps a bedmate awake at night in tense anticipation that the next breath may never come, I’m still not doing it right. I vaguely recall there’s an idiom to the effect that a simple task is as easy as breathing. It turns out there’s a sliding scale involved, and I’m on the tilting end of it.

For yet to be determined biomechanical reasons, my breathing during slow wave sleep is inefficient. Which is to say, during non-REM sleep I wake up for brief periods as often as a few times every minute. The waking is rarely shocking enough to bring me fully to consciousness. I don’t open my eyes, I don’t remember waking up. My blood-oxygen saturation is low – like “badly out-of-shape sitcom character hyperventilating through a Zumba class” low.

Every morning I wake up after what feels like it should have been a full night’s sleep and I am already dopey-tired. It takes a couple of hours before I am fully awake on the days that I manage to clear that bar – there aren’t too many of them at the moment – and by lunchtime my head is spinning and I am ready for a nap.

You can see all this on the ECG readouts from the sleep lab. My sleep pattern looks eerily like the graphical representation of a disk drive in urgent need of defragmentation. You can also see it in my face, where the usual bags under my eyes have gone to a luggage wholesaler and picked up some really good deals on eye-bags. Or something. I dunno if my analogies are making much sense at the moment.

I’ve started preparatory treatment to clean upy sinuses as a first step – steroid sprays and saline drenching every day for a month, followed by another consultation to decide on next steps. Which could be more sleep monitoring, a CPAP mask designed to force air down my throat, a mandible retainer designed to force my jaw forward (opening up my oesophagus) or surgery to correct the deviated septum I’ve had all my life.

Yeah, none of those options sound great, do they? But they’re all better than feeling hammered all day every day.

So, onward. Pass me the squeeze bottle for nasal saline injections and stand back, yo.


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