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On Your Grave
In search of...
Spit at Christmas
Cough It Up: The Best of Spit
Nobody Likes a Smart-Arse
On Me
Into The Wind

Spit are:

Rabid Vicious Bastard
Ed Revolting Ruptured Spleen with a Hangover
Entrails X
Sweetened Condensed Freak
Andrew Who Has No Alias

We are a Band, as in, "Band of layabouts". This is our website. We make music for fun, but people spit on us. Why do people keep spitting on us? I just don't understand. People can be so unkind.

Our music gets progressively more listenable, the less you listen to it. Rather than not letting anyone hear us, however - that would be too easy - we've put some mp3s up on the website, representing the "best" of our efforts from each album. Note the gradual improvement in production values from album to album.

We have been progressively breaking down the barriers between us, our true "sound" if you will, and you, the listener - technical barriers, artistic barriers, and physical barriers, such as distance and walls. Our rate of progress is such that by the year 2022, we will be able to directly caress your brains with ours.

At which point, we will ask "why do you keep spitting on us?"

Here are some pictures of us. Can you guess who is who? Oh, and don't bother trying to "hawk a lurgie", as some might put it. We're protected by a thick, protective pane of glass or plastic, a firewall, and the fact that the representation of an object is not the object itself.

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