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On Your Grave
In search of...
Spit at Christmas
Nobody Likes a Smart-Arse
On Me
Into The Wind

Into The Wind (2003)

This album is in the final stages (hopefully) of mixing - here's where we're up to so far with each of the tunes. You may notice that the mix is not quite right on some of the songs. We'd love feedback.

Meanwhile, we've received our first ever written review of any Spit song, for "Down in the Meadow":

"It is indeed a master work with a maudlin southern gospel feel while retaining the quirky salival quality that has carried this band into obscurity over the last 15 years. It is a gem of harmonic, melodic and lyrical indulgence taking the listener on an odyssey of death and taxes which drives home the futility of life and made be want to slit my wrists [...]"

Cornetto Girl
Down in the Meadow
Cold Call
Cumberland Highway
The Land Where Everything is Made of Smaller Things
John Laws
Recipe for a Conspiracy Theorist
Rubber Angel
Pointed Advice
I Can't Believe It's Not Badder